Friday, May 27, 2016

Event #2
There were many interesting pieces in the Hammer museum in Westwood, Los Angeles, California on May 6th, 2016. This was my first trip to the museum even though its right down the street, and with lots of cultural diversity throughout the museum, there were many pieces that I found interesting in regards to the theme of our class, art and science.
Now a days when we are on planes traveling we spend our time watching movies and television shows, but in a piece by Ilene Segalove she depicted something different. In place of where a typical movie screen would be on a plane it was replaced with a piece of art by Jackson Pollock, "Lavender Mist." I found this intriguing because of its modern twist on arts influence on people. Now we are so absorbed in the hustle and bustle of modern technology of movies, television shows, and video games that we have forgotten some of the great pieces that lead to where we are now in art. Jackson Pollocks piece was known by many, but now a days many people probably wouldn't be able to speak of the piece.

I thought of the piece by Segalove as showing what the culture was at that moment in time. Traveling by plane was still a fairly new process at this time and combining it with a an iconic piece of art showed how this was a privilege, a piece of art. In contrast with current times however flying is a common thing in most peoples lives and we have changed the previous outlook on it. This contrast was eye opening and I enjoyed getting this perspective. 

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