Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nanotechnology and art
Nanotechnology is in everything around us, but most of the time we had no idea because the atoms are so small that most of the time we aren't even told they are there. Personally speaking I had no knowledge of what nanotechnology was and how it affected our lives.
The first revolutionary idea that involved nanotechnology, was from Eric Drexler who had the idea of "The Assembler," which takes Fords creation of the assembly line that we learned about in our robotics section of this class from week 3 and applies it on the molecular level. It would take the atoms and molecules that make up objects and rearrange them to make new things. This didn't work however because Drexlers process was incredibly slow in comparison to the real Assembly line that Ford created that takes two and a half hours.
Nanotechnology is now in a majority of products that we use in our daily lives, but we don't always know it is there. Its small size has enabled nanoparticles to inconspicuously appear in things like our food, one product for example is the "SlimShake" and is a meal replacer advertising weight loss. This replacement is made of silica nanoparticles and is coated in chocolate flavoring. These particles could be harmful because nobody exactly knows the effects they have on the body and digestive system. Products like this show why we need to monitor these items because of possible risks they have in effecting our lives.

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  1. I really appreciated your take on the unit this week! It's amazing how little you realize is actually manufactured with nanotechnology. I found this blog to be very eye opening regarding the microscopic technology we have all around us today. Good job!

  2. I like how you began your post with honesty because I also did not know the importance of nanotechnology. Very smart to relate Eric Drexler to our robotics lesson from prior class. It is crazy to think that nanotechnology is in products and we don't even know it. This can be tricky and might prove to cause problems down the road because of the nanotechnology potentially causing harm. I loved your strawberry photo and the overall appearance of your blog. Great work!