Friday, June 3, 2016

Event #3

For my third event, I ventured outside of Los Angeles and went to the Discovery Science center in Santa Ana, CA. When I walked in I was surrounded by many kids everywhere interacting with each exhibit. My friends, brother, and I started to do the same. This was a cool experience many of the events I have been to in the past were very observant and did not have a physical aspect related to them, so this was a fun change from what we had been doing. 

There were many cool exhibits in display, but one theme that was going on while I was here was exploration of Mars. There were many interactive things you could do to learn new things about mars that involved people especially children in an interesting way. One example was you could design your own mars rover after viewing a replica of one. Then it would appear on a large screen and you had to direct it to different spots that would then show different things that have been found on Mars. I thought this was a cool interaction that helped teach people about space and art. Space is such a vast and large area and I think this exhibit was beneficial in helping give people a better idea of what is out there.

Amongst this exhibit there were many other things that helped teach kids about Mars like a large replica of the planet, the mars rover, some exhibits about the difference in gravity on Mars in comparison to Earth and many other things. I found it to be a fun and interesting way to explore more about space and art.

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